Exactly two weeks ago I was at the White Hotel for my first Drone event. It has since been one of the more popular reviews I have written, a fact I equate to the sheer passion I felt while in attendance. Therefore, tonight was not to be missed.

The Peer Hat provides a less intense environment for a night of noise; however, the noise maintains a decrepit darkness required to you invested. Unfortunately tonight as my gig greed got the better of me I am again arriving late. This means I have missed out on a rare screening of a Jarman filmed Psychic TV performance. I notice on a merch poster that there were DVD’s for sale, so therefore if anyone can point me in the right direction as to where to find one, it would be kindly appreciated.

Tonight we are blessed with the visual collaboration of DIYD. This collaboration is noticed from the instant I enter the room. My tired eyes focus on the backdrop of glitch-like rippling that sends a shiver down my already weak spine. I enter the basement of the Peer Hat to the sound of Cremation Lily and Knifedoutofexistance, providing a noisy and ambient concoction, one that pierces my ears and forces me to find the nearest seat.

I have never heard of Knifedoutofexistance until tonight, however, I will be pursuing them at a later date (When my bank account has been replenished). I have heard of Cremation Lily, specifically the recent release In England Now, Underwater, being a stellar approach to lo-fi ambient techno. Up next is someone who again I do not recognise by name, however I do recognise by sound and face, as she played at last years Sounds From The Other City, and I had been trying to find her ever since.

Tonight my search was over. Zimzum was the name I needed to find. I am glad I have stumbled upon this artist twice as each time she has left me intrigued. A few late night Google searches do not bring up anything relevant, therefore Zimzum needs to right this wrong and release something soon. A poster does however tell me that she will playing the Peer Hat again in the coming weeks. Therefore I plan on attending.

Finally I end the night on a brief look into the mind of STomacK. I say brief as my stomach can no longer take the alcohol beating it is regularly receiving from excessive gig going. As I am seated, I can feel every fibre of my body vibrate with sound. My bones rattle and my teeth loosen. I am encapsulated. I have to slide out of the room before the vomit takes hold. After a few minutes of recuperation I cannot face the fear of re-entering the basement room from whence I came. As the dry saliva forms in my mouth I abandon the Peer Hat.

With this in mind, I do however think the soothing ambient night has given me chance to reflect upon my own psychosis. Tonight was again something special, however in a much purer sense than last Drone event. The last Drone show was nothing more than filth. Tonight provided me with a chance to reach into my own mind and battle with my internal fears head on. Tonight had clarity. Tonight was the perfect follow up. I haven’t felt the same since 22/03/19, but now I feel truly elated. I am prepared for 31/05/19. I made a feeble attempt to persuade Mohamud in the Uber drive home that ambient noise is the essence of life. Unfortunately I don’t think he agreed. These Drone shows are a gateway into the mind and should be attended by anyone and everyone.

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