I usually start these reviews with a humorous story as to how the journey to the gig went. I do this because sometimes a gig is worth more than just the show itself, your day changes when you go to any form of live music. I like to report on my night, and how everything that goes into that from the long bus ride into Manchester, and the struggle of finding my way home. However, I wake up this morning with a nosebleed and minimal memory, a few notes and a half written review I began before passing out. As this is going to be the longest review I’ve done, I’ll just get straight into it. Continue reading “INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP – 19/02/19”

TOY – 15/02/19

I woke up this morning with a headache, spawned in hell by the devil himself. I’m already feeling the effects of a Valentine’s Day with Mold (Read my review here). Today I have a long day ahead, filled with Postmodernist lectures and excessive painkillers. However, no amount of Co-Codamol can get me off the hook this time. There is only one thing on my mind, how to cure a hangover.

As many would guess, a night of indie-punk shoegaze is not the correct answer. Therefore the prospect of seeing The Starlight Magic Hour alongside TOY is a grim one. Continue reading “TOY – 15/02/19”

MOLD – 14/02/19

I’m currently reading Will Ashon’s Chamber Music, therefore my pre-gig playlist consists of primarily Wu Tang Clan and other hip-hop circa ’93, thus inappropriately setting me up for Mold at Soup Kitchen.

Much like RZA would walk the streets of New York City for hours on end as a form of meditation, I would get the 192 from Stockport, through Heaton Chapel, Levnshulme, Longsight and then arrive in Manchester. This is an hour-long ritual, which I endure before any night out. In which I can prepare my mind and soul for what’s to come. However, I could not prepare myself for Mold. Continue reading “MOLD – 14/02/19”

PHOBOPHOBES – 31/01/19

Tonight I’m on my way to see South London punk/sleaze group Phobophobes for the second time. They’re playing at Night & Day Café, which is a consistently top venue, easy to reach, intimate and the best draught Guinness served in plastic you can find in Manchester. This is a Guinness Q-Tip couldn’t refuse. This is a Guinness that a Flann O’Brien protagonist would procrastinate for. This is a Guinness that would take Lee Scratch Perry back to the halcyon days of 2001. This is the perfect atmosphere for a cunt like me to dwell.

Continue reading “PHOBOPHOBES – 31/01/19”